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Message from Principal

Dear Parents,

We Welcome you to CGI World School Bharatpur, the latest offering from CGI group of institutions, which is synonymous of quality education. The school aims to produce global leaders who will make a better world with their knowledge and goodness. We teach our students the value of calmness, the power of love and the value of unity and togetherness. Our aim is to shape personalities who are global in spirit but Indian in their thoughts and actions. We have created a responsive campus with excellent support system to enhance the quality and care. Our school is committed to give its students a strong foundation in a healthy and fresh environment to unfold their skills & talents. It is rightly said, ”if you are planning for a year, sow rice. If you planning for a decade, plant trees and if you are planning for a life, educated the child.

  Our, dedicated faculty at the CGI World School continuously strives to achieve our aim and goals. My sincere gratitude to the management for having trust and faith in our potential & abilities to enlighten the young minds.

Whatever we have achieved may be trifling but encouraging. Whatever we plan to attain will be stunning and outstanding

With best wishes for our child's growth

CGI World School, Bharatpur

Our Team


Dr. Narendra Singh

Chairman and Founder

Mayor Shiv Singh Bhont

Secretary of Trust

Er. Jogender Singh

Director Trusty

Mrs. Deepika Gupta